• Breaking Bread with Lee Busby

    By ELJ Publications; interviewed July 2014 — Read full interview

    5th Generation Immigrant embodies a monumental journey of one narrator whom experiences ambivalence and growth. The narrator leaves home, travels the east coast only to return to where he started. How much of Lee is in the collection?

    The answer is two-fold: all of the collection is me and none of the collection is me. Most all of my poems here are first person narratives informed by my own life and experiences, yet none of them are truly me. But, after saying that, I think the reverse is also true: all of these poems are more me than I’ve ever been in my life. "

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  • Connotation Press

    By Connotation Press; interviewed December 2012 — Keep full interview

    "What is your favorite work by Hemingway? What about it do you love—what about it do you hate?

    The Sun Also Rises first endeared me to Hemingway. The dialogue, the European fanfare, the characters — oh, god, the characters! I wanted to be Jake Barnes – well, except for that one little thing; I can leave Jake to his own troubles there. What could be more romantic to a writer than being a writer in Paris, drinking with other writers, the dancing, trips to Spain and bullfights..."

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